Prizes For Lucky User Every Month

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Ask a question: announces a lucky winner every month

Every month, one lucky winner will get to choose from 5 fabulous prizes. Here’s a quick look at what’s on offer this month Sept 2014:

* £50 worth gift card from Argos
* Free Luxury Spa Vouchers
* Leather Jacket
* Attractive Luxury writs watch
* A pair of Pepe branded Jeans (2)
Terms and conditions governing this offer

* The user should have attained a minimum of 500 points for that month
* There should be a minimum of 10 participants who should qualify for the contest every month
* The user should have a validated email id through which he is contactable to announce if he is the winner
* Participants should be a minimum of 18 years of age
* This contest is open to users from all over the world
* Winners should be able to verify their identity
* A winner should not have won this contest in the past 3 months
* The decision of is final in choosing the winner
* Winner will be announced in this page. so watchout

If you have any further questions in this regard please use the Contact Us page. All the very best !!