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What is the best cms platform for an ecommerce site?

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I am planning to start an ecommerce site on my own.I want to build it on a platform which is easy to manage on my own and doesnt have much technical requirements. Which cms platform will best suit me?

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    This depends entirely upon your over all purpose and  the architecture that you would like your application to be based upon.  there are so many CMS available like Wordpress, Joomla, 

    Wordpress is very popular.   A choice of CMS depends upon how knowledgeable you are with a particular CMS. Is there a support from some company, are there paid templates, what are your expansion plans for your website and so on

    Have a look around among the available ones and take a decision . Wordpress is a good choice  I hope other members agree?
answered Jun 3, 2014 by admin (1,540 points)  
Magento is getting famous day by day. I personally like it and have used it for one of my clients website. Magento allows you to build typical eCommerce web sites that range from small to medium sizes.

Magneto is an open source eCommerce platform that eases the flow between design and online sales. Very flexible and fastest growing eCommerce solutions in the market.

Its flexibilty allows you manage multiple websites, integrate Google Website Optimizer and over 50 payment gateways.
answered Oct 1, 2014 by maniqra (520 points)  

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