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Why are people from India more focused on tech related jobs rather than managerial jobs?

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It is a trend that people from India always slog it out to be an engineer who at the end of the day works for a software development company or an outsourcing firm. Why are people focused solely on tech jobs in India? Any specific reason?

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I would like to disagree, Nokia, Microsoft &nbsp;the top Tech Companies,, has Indian CEO, Indira Nooyi is CEO of pepsico, we have Kiran mazumxar a leading executive of Biotech firm , i can give you many such examples. We have IIMs which produce top grads but they aare sucked in by major MNCs for jobs in abroad location.&nbsp;</p><p>
    Indians are good at whatever they do is my personal opinion. There is only one CEO in a company of 1 lakh workforce like TCS/WIPRO/Infosys hence the visibility of Indian Managerial skill is not much
answered Jun 25, 2014 by admin (1,540 points)  

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