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What are the costs incurred by Wikipedia?

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Wikipedia is a very large repository of information and knowledge which is updated regularly. Scaling up of the servers and space required a huge amount of money. How do they meet the cost? Does donations really help to keep them going?

2 Answers

Good question, i myself do not know it. Yes majorly it is funded by donations but wikepedia does not need much funds apart from the Hardware infrastructure as majority of the editors are volunteers.  for the hosting fees, it should be met from donors
answered Jun 25, 2014 by admin (1,540 points)  
As a non-profit running one of the world's busiest web destinations, Wikipedia provides an unusual case study of a high-performance site. In an era when Google and Microsoft can spend $500 million on one of their global data center projects, Wikipedia's infrastructure runs on fewer than 300 servers housed in a single data center in Tampa, Fla.' Domas Mituzas of MySQL/Sun gave a presentation Monday at the Velocity conference that provided an inside look at the technology behind Wikipedia, which he calls an 'operations underdog.
answered Oct 1, 2014 by maniqra (520 points)  

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