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How GO CAPITAL evaluate the application for SEMI-TRUCK FINANCING?.?

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Go Capital works exclusively trucking companies looking to secure funding on Semi-Trucks and trailers. We work primarily with owner-operators, and trucking companies with small to medium-sized fleets to finance their equipment needs. –This results in us funding a lot of semi-trucks and trailers. Our financing options are flexible and affordable. Our criteria are forgiving of bad credit, and many elements of our lease structures can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your business.Credit Criteria Go Capital is a leading commercial truck financing company offering competitive funding options to applicants with regardless of credit score. We don’t discriminate against applicants based on their credit rating or FICO score. In fact we have NO MINIMUM FICO score products.Every client of ours is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who discusses the strong points and details of the applicant’s experience, carrier contracts and general business status before we offer solutions. With that information, our Account Managers are able to offer funding structures and terms that provide applicants with not only the funding they need, but also that provide for their business to cash flow and grow throughout the lease term. Visit for More Info.

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